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  1. ToastyNetworks - Launcher

    Hi Guest!
    Are you using the brand new ToastyNetworks launcher yet? No? What are you waiting for! Enjoy a tweaked launcher made to make life easier for you! It includes pre-installed tweaks, fixes, texture packs and way more!
    Read more about it here.
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ToastyNetworks - Launcher (Universal) 1.3.5

Official Launcher for ToastyNetworks for All platforms.

  1. Rubbertjuh
    ToastyNetworks - Launcher (Universal)​
    The launcher includes all the modpacks hosted on ToastyNetworks. Not only does it include all the modpacks, they are also optimized to work perfectly on our servers!
    They include config tweaks and custom modifications to provide our players with the best possible experience.
    Some of these tweaks and modifications include:
    • Re-Auth mod included by default (no more session errors)
    • Thaumic Tinkerer config tweaked so it compatible with our servers, meaning users can progress without having to change a config value.
    • WAILA is included on servers which have The One Probe disabled.
    • Optional mods like Optifine and Schematica are easy to install by flipping a switch.
    • Texture packs and Resource packs are included.
    • ServerRedirect mod is automatically added to all packs, allowing you to connect with ease to other servers in our network.
    • Infinity Evolved boss sounds(spam killing them) won't kill your ears anymore...
    • Tweaked arguments to improve RAM usage
    • More!
    Besides all of these tweaks, we also included a news page, which will show the latest community related threads and the latest news on ToastyNetworks!

    File extension: JAR
    Platform: All

    How to use this launcher:
    1. Download the resource
    2. Put the resource on your desktop(or anywhere else)
    3. Double click on the .jar
    4. Enjoy!
    I have Linux, MacOS or another operating system?
    No worries! This universal launcher should work on any operating system which has Java installed.

    I'm a Windows user and prefer to use an executable(.exe)!
    We've got you covered. Click on me.

    GNU LGPL v3 License - Source code