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Hey Toasters!

It is time now to announce the winners of the Network Wide Build competition.
First, let me explain that some details have changed. Due to a lack of sufficient entries from all servers, we have decided to merge all the builds from each server under the same competition, and will all be judged equally.
Secondly, the top prizes have changed:
  • First Prize is the Mercury Package
  • Second Prize is the Vulcan Package
  • Third Prize is the Lazarus Package
All entrants will still receive $10k for entering the competition.

Now without further ado, the winners!:
1st - SparkDog33 (Tekkit Legends)
2nd - Tappercrazy_jay (Beyond - 1)
3rd - Magxnus (Sky Factory - 1)

Congratulations to our winners and to all those who participated.

Toasty Networks Administration Team
Hello Toasters,

Some of you may have heard the recent news about Pixelmon and its future. For those of you that don’t know, the creators of the Pixelmon mod have received a cease and desist order from the Pokemon company. What this means FOR SURE, is that:
  • Development of Pixelmon must cease immediately
  • Distribution of the Pixelmon mod is now illegal and must be immediately halted
More information here: http://pixelmonmod.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=25183
There has been no official word for what will happen to servers, but there has been talk that servers hosting Pixelmon will be forced by Mojang to shut down. I have discussed this at length with Hiroku, Administrator and Developer of Pixelmon,
Again, there is no OFFICIAL word on this.

So what does this mean for Toasty Networks and what was going to be our brand new server to host Pixelmon Prison?

Unfortunately, it’s the end of the road for development of this new server. With both distribution of Pixelmon being stopped, as well as this potential of servers hosting Pixelmon being forcefully closed, there is little reason for us to continue development.

We are as sad as you guys about it, and we especially empathize with those from the old Pixelmon Prison server who had high hopes for what we were doing. We have spent countless hours of our time working on this, and to now find that it was all for nothing is really quite depressing for us, it really does suck. But we need to move on to better things. In future, the situation may even perhaps change if someone continues the pixelmon project and removes copyrighted materials, or if someone starts work on a similar mod.

We will always continue to strive to give you, the players, an awesome and fresh server experience, as we always have done, that will not change. It’s just that, unfortunately, it won’t come in the form of a Pixelmon server.


ToastyNetworks Administration Team
Hey Toasters!

Progress on the development of our two new up and coming servers has been going at a steady pace, with the main plugins nearly out of development and currently in the testing phase. Friendly reminder that there will be map resets for SF3, Beyond and Tekkit tomorrow, more details here: https://forum.toastynetworks.net/threads/important-news-for-tekkit-legends-sf3-beyond.3557/

  • Updated Lighterbans on Sponge
  • Updated SpongeForge
  • Updated VirtualChest
  • Fixed Kits on beyond-2
  • Made the following changes to spawner logic:
CODE]spawner {
# The number of ambients the spawner can potentially spawn around a player.
# The number of animals the spawner can potentially spawn around a player.
# The number of aquatics the spawner can potentially spawn around a player.
# The number of monsters the spawner can potentially spawn around a player.
# The ambient spawning tick rate. Default: 400
# The animal spawning tick rate. Default: 400
# The aquatic spawning tick rate. Default: 400
# The monster spawning tick rate. Default: 1
# Controls the time in ticks for when an item despawns.
  • set auto-player-save-interval to 5000
  • set auto-save-interval to 4900
  • Updated DiscordBridge to 2.5
  • Patched VirtualTools server stall issue on all sponge servers
  • Updated SimpleTokens to fix issues with the plugin
  • Fixed autominer permissions on vulcan
  • Added plugin: Boop
  • I:forcefieldmaxblockpeerTick=500 to fix stalls on Beyond-2 caused by forcefields, done on Beyond 1 as well
  • You can now link the item that you are holding by using the placeholder {item} , this will...
Hey Toasters!

Today, we are announcing that the Tekkit Legends, Sky Factory 3 (1&2) and Beyond (1&2) maps will be reset. This will take place on the 11th July (Estimated time: 6PM UTC+2)

There are multiple reasons for this, but here are some of the main reasons:
1. The current maps are old and have a large amount of inactive player bases, which reduces the amount of space for newer players to make bases.
2. The current maps have a large amount of grief and need restoring. We are hoping that wiping all these maps will clean up the economy and improve server performance.
3. We noticed that the playerbases on SF3/Beyond were split unevenly between the 2 servers. We have decided to reset both servers to spread the playerbase. This should also help with performance

Some people may be wondering what will be transferred to the new server. Items transferred will include:
- Claimblocks
- Tokens (Currently on Tekkit Legends)
- Chunk Loaders
- Playtime and ranks

In game money and inventories will not be transferred to the new world. This is to purge the economy so everyone can have a fresh start. (NOTE: Those who purchased money or donated for a rank and received money from the donation shop can fill this form out here to get a refund. Those that have won ranks via crates will not be refunded rewards for their rank.)

In-game refunds will also be given to those that have made purchases from the donation store 14 days prior to the reset.

We apologise for any inconvenience, but this decision is for the best of the network. Thank you for being with us.


@Beyond @SF3 Are both up and running. Expect lag for the first few days and things might be generating. Everything should settle down fairly soon though!
Market plugin is not shared between servers yet but economy is.
@Tekkit received a full map wipe again as there was...
Hey Toasters!

Been a busy week, with a lot of changes and project progress completed in multiple areas, especially the new pixelmon servers. In this past week we saw the addition of the Tekkit Legends token shop and the addition of a new donator rank. For those on our discord server, you may have also noticed we put up a server feedback form, so we can gauge what the playerbase thinks of how we are doing, and where we need to focus our attention, so that we can improve as a network. If you still haven't completed this form, here is a link to it: https://goo.gl/forms/1yWDQns8voWuahsC2
Anyway, to the changelog!

[h=FTB: Beyond]FTB: Beyond:[/h]
  • reduced maximal rftools spacechamber size to fix a few stalls on Beyond
  • added nucleus.afk.kicktime(920s) and nucleus.afk.toggletime (900s)
  • Added Enderchest permission (1.7 and 1.10)
  • Added /god permission (1.7 and 1.10)
  • Updated DAP to work with new TickProfiler - Sponge servers
  • fixed issue where legendary crate key wasnt given from rare crate: beyond
  • Updated News to include a promotion to vote on all listings for rewards'
  • Added following things to ranks:
  • SimpleAntiAfk - Changed timer from 15 min to 17 min due to new mercury perk
  • Banned debug card from open computers on sf3 & beyond
  • Unbanned inscriber for ae2stuff and ae2, tps is much more stable that re-implementing these should not be an issue.
  • All scheduled restarts are now every 3 hours ( was 2 hours)
  • Fixed issues with Chest being bypassed in claims when the person would put it next to border of the claim
  • Fixed recipes not working on FTB Beyond
  • Added Celestial Manipulator to the minetweaker script to remove recipe on Beyond 1-2 to fix crashes from them
  • Fixed lighterbans messaging issue on Sponge
  • Fixed issue with votifier where 2 week vote rewards and month vote reward was given...

Hello Toasters!

Summer is around the corner, which means it's time for a new sale! It's been roughly 3 months since the last sale so make sure to make use of it before it expires on 10 July.
All packages on the store will have 30% off starting today.
To celebrate summer, we've also added a new top tier rank, Mercury.
[​IMG] will include the following perks:
  • Single supply of the following:
    • $200,000 in-game​
    • 30,000 Claim Blocks​
    • 30 Common Keys​
    • 20 Uncommon Keys​
    • 15 Rare Keys​
    • 10 Legendary Keys​
    • 54 Online Only Chunkloaders​
    • 30 Always Online Chunkloaders​
  • Access to the following kits:
    • Infinity Evolved - Tier 6 (Info)​
    • SkyFactory 3 - Tier 6 (Info)​
    • Beyond - Tier 6 (Info)​
    • Tekkit - Dark Matter & Red Matter (Info)​
  • Access to the following disguises (1.7.10):
    • Snowman​
    • Magma Cube​
    • Iron Golem​
    • Fire Work​
    • Ender Crystal​
    • Donkey​
    • Boat​
    • Ender Pearl​
    • Fire Ball​
    • Mooshroom​
  • Access to the...
Hey Toasters!

Lots of progress this weeks, with development on our new Pixelmon Prison server having officially started last week. Server stability has also been improving steadily, however stalls have been becoming an issue recently. We do, however, have our dev looking into it, so server stalls should become less and less frequent throughout the next few weeks. Now, the changelog:

FTB: Beyond
  • Made changes to NuVotifier configs to fix issues with Voting on byd-2
  • Updated SpongeForge
  • Updated LuckPerms
  • Updated GriefPrevention
  • Updated Buycraft
  • Updated Lighterbans
  • Updated Nucleus on 1.10
  • Updated MSM on Game 1 - Titan, this will fix a bug where servers would "Freeze" and not start back up
  • Implemented Crash detection on Discord to show Beyond 1-2 differences, same for SF3 and it now works on both dedicated machines
  • FastAsyncWorldEdit config change: Max-Changes from 50M to 32K (1.10)
  • Gave Mods+ accesst to: draconicevolution.command.de_upgrade Command: de_upgrade
  • Added IC2 Chunk Loader to banned items list - Beyond
  • Implemented Lightning game mechanic fix for #439 (closed) - All 1.10 servers
  • Banned drop of evil usage on beyond servers and included drop of evil in a recipe for cursed earth.
  • Mods can now can unclaim tickets claimed by other mods (Mod+)
  • Updated betterkeepinventory on 1.10 servers
  • Fixed Duplication Bug - Redstone Dust/Block + Eye of Enders (AE2 + Flux Networks) on Beyond
  • Added following items to market blacklist on beyond and sf3:
    • Dice of Fate (botania:dice)
    • Ring of Thor (botania:thorRing)
    • Ring of Loki (botania:lokiRing)
    • Ring of Odin (botani:eek:dinRing)
    • Ring of the Aesir (botania:aesirRing)
    • Eye of the Flugel (botania:flugelEye)
    • Fruit of Grisaia (botania:infiniteFruit)
    • Key of the King's Law (botania:kingKey)
  • Added %block placeholder to afk machine warning message so that we can identify which type of...

Hey Toasters!

Its been weeks in the making, but finally the administration team is proud to announce that we have completed work on our new, custom, votifier plugin! This new plugin will allow us to better reward voters who have played longer on the server, and allows us to introduce more dynamic rewards.

So why have we decided to get a new vote plugin? Well, our old votifier (the type of votifier most servers have) was very static, in that no matter what rank you were, no matter how many times you had voted, and no matter what link you used, you got the same reward. With this new votifier, we can do so much more. Some of the features of this new votifier include:
  • Ability to hook into Buycraft API to auto assign players a package when they are top voter
  • Ability to specify which vote sites should give what reward
  • Ability for players to vote when offline, and receive rewards upon login
  • Ability to set multiple types of rewards
  • Ability to assign black-list and white-list permissions to rewards, so that we can give different ranks different vote rewards
  • Ability to automatically give rewards to top voters
  • Ability to give rewards when a player reaches a certain amount of votes in a month
  • Ability to view the players who have the most votes with /vote top
So now that you know what our new votifier can do, you'll want to know what we have ACTUALLY done with it.
I have taken the liberty to summarise the new vote system in a google sheet, which can be found here. To be able to understand everything in this sheet however, I will need to give some background info.
There are 5 reward tiers, and the playtime/donator ranks are each assigned to a different tier, as can be seen in the below image:...
Hey Toasters!

As you may or may not be aware, last weeks changelog was skipped. This was due to that week being very slow and not much being done. There was simply nothing substantial enough to report. This week, however, was very different from last. @KaiNoMood , a person who has developed things for us in the past, late last week transitioned into a full-time position, meaning the many projects we have had planned can finally be put into play. This also means we can fix many bugs and other such issues in mods without waiting for the mod developer to fix them. Now, to the changelog:

  • Updated BadgeUp - Fires fireworks, any soundfile in minecraft playable on achievement get. Also displays title and subtitle to the user.
  • Added words to Infinity/TL/Beyond/SF3 ChatReactions:
    Flippers,Jaski,Kaotic,Strawb,Strikefire,Langerz,Eckxecutioner,Kruger,Jordan,Modpack,Beyond,Infinity Evolved, SkyFactory3,Tekkit Legends, Claimblocks, Ban Hammer
  • Updated Husky Crates to latest version
  • Updated buycraft and votifier plugin configs to account for new crate rewarding system introduced in latest version of husky crates
  • Updated luckperms on all servers
  • Added nucleus.getfromip.base to moderators on all 1.10 servers
  • Updated messages.conf for btickets on all server
  • Fixed kit tier 5_2 being able to be spawned infinitely for donators on beyond-2
  • Updated Beyond-1 and Beyond-2 to 1.8.1
  • Updated motd for beyond servers to account for new version
  • Players now can do /seen on 1.10 servers
  • Updated BetterChunkLoaders to 3.4.8 on sf3 and byd
  • Added LPPrefixChanger, do /prefix to learn more
  • Updated SimpleTokens (details for this coming soon ;) )
  • fixed /kit claim on beyond
  • Fixed issue where staff names where not appearing when using staff chat
  • Fixed issue where players of a higher donator rank would lose rank when winning donation ranks that are lower from crates on beyond....

ToastyNetworks is pleased to present you, for the first time ever…

Network-wide Build Competition!

That’s right! For the length of an entire month we are going to be running a build competition across the entire network. There is no cost or payment involved with submitting a build, meaning absolutely everyone can participate! While the competition is network wide, there will be winners for each server. This is because each server has a different variety of blocks and mods associated with it, meaning some servers may be seen as having an advantage in the competition over others.

Entries for the build competition close on 11th of July!
Timezones are as follows:


What is the theme?
You might be wondering, “What do I need to build?” or “Is there a theme for the builds?”. Well, yes there is. The theme is history! However, we don’t simply mean history in terms of ancient egyptians or WWI. We mean any form of history you’d like! For example, real life history, history of your country, history of gaming, technology or even the history of our very own toasty servers. It doesn't matter as long it’s somehow associated with history!

We would also like to further this theme as well as making the competition a little more difficult for you all. Therefore, we have decided that your build must be at the very largest, 32x32 blocks (4 chunks). You can, however, go completely to bedrock or to sky limit in this area. We believe this will challenge you all and force you to think about space and shape for your builds!

What are the prizes?
For each server there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner, each with their very own prizes! As previously stated, however, if a group has built something, only the person who...
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