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Hey Toasters!

It has been an eventful week in terms of server migration to a new data centre. This move has taken up most of our time, and so as a result not much in server optimisation was able to be done the last week. However, this next week should see a lot of issues fixed!

In regards to the server migration, while we did make a discord announcement, let me repeat the point here; this switch to a new data centre, while does include a lot better hardware that can help with server performance, the main reason for changing was to fix the issues we had with connectivity and packet loss. New Hardware will likely not fix or even impact the current TPS issues due to the nature of the problem, that being poorly coded mods/lack of optimisation of mods/memory leaks, etc.

Anywho, to the changelog:

All Servers:
  • Cleaned out MySQL databases and tables
  • Switched everything over to new dedicated machines
  • Fixed ServerStatistics on 1.7
  • Cleaned up Titan server
  • Cleaned up Hydra server
  • Coin of Fortune Banned
  • Banned 'Portable Overflow Nullifier' for duping capabilities
  • Slightly altered kits on Beyond to give XNet items rather than Ender IO conduits due to XNet being more server-friendly
  • 10 min anti afk warnings no longer show up in Discord - only the ones where user gets kicked
  • Added message to recommend people to switch their Conduits out for XNet systems (better for TPS) (Beyond)
  • Dimensional Transceivers on SF3 and Beyond have had their power transfer rates changed to 16,000,000 RF/t to limit the need for long conduit setups. Also has an upkeep rate of 25 RF/t
  • Banned industrial TNT from beyond
  • Code:
    # Set to false to prevent the bows explosion effect breaking blocks
  • Disabled /market plugin temporarily while we iron issues out
Sky Factory 3:
  • 10 min anti...
Hello Toasters!

Good news everyone!
Starting now, we will making another switch to a new datacenter and a new physical location. We will be getting way - way better hardware and connection issues regarding packet loss should finally be solved fully! (No more ping spikes in-game)
Maintenance will start now.
Downtime will be 1-2 hours.

For the people who are interested in knowing, new hardware will be as following:
# Enterprise 1:
Xeon E3-1270v6 4c/8t - 4.2 GHz
32GB DDR4 ECC 2400 MHz
SoftRaid 2x480GB NVMe
500 Mbps dedicated bandwidth
SpeedTest: http://www.speedtest.net/result/6219603048.png

# Game 1:
i7 7700K OC 4c/8t - 5.00 GHz
64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe
250 Mbps dedicated bandwidth
SpeedTest: http://www.speedtest.net/result/6234908964.png

# Game 2:
i7 7700K OC 4c/8t - 5.00 GHz
64GB DDR4 2400 MHz
SoftRaid 2x450GB NVMe
250 Mbps dedicated bandwidth
SpeedTest: http://www.speedtest.net/result/6234910378.png

I will keep you all posted via forums, facebook, twitter and via this discord of course.

All servers should be back up and running! We are now running on the newest hardware and on a sweet new connection / setup.
Small note for 1.10 servers: Market plugin has been temporarily disabled until we resolve issues with it.

The website will be migrated on a later date (some features on it like Punishments currently won't work)
Would like to give a major shoutout to JWTech from our friends at TastyNode. Without him we would not be here with this fancy new hardware. He's stayed up all night to make sure we are up and running.
Hey Toasters!

Busy week once again, with a lot of hierarchy changes in terms of the addition of the Senior Moderator rank, as well as with diagnosing and fixing TPS fluctuations. In terms of the new staff rank, let me quickly describe its purpose before starting on change log:

As some of you may know, we have staff members allocated to moderate different servers, opposed to moderators moderating all servers. As a result, Senior Moderators are members of staff with extensive moderating experience, who act almost as the "Head" of the Moderator team for a specific server. We have four Senior Moderators allocated each to different servers, with:
  • PrincesStrawb : Tekkit Legends
  • Kruger07 : FTB: Beyond and FTB: Infinity Evolved
  • Strikefire & Langerz69 : Sky Factory 3
The role of Senior Moderators is as follows:
  • Help the Administration team review applications for staff for their respective server
  • Manage the staff under their wing on their allocated server and make sure they're doing their jobs
  • Decide the outcomes for Ban Appeals on their respective servers
  • Act essentially as "representatives" for the server they are allocated to
In all other respects, Senior Moderators are still Moderators, just with a bit more responsibility and authority.

Anyway, with that out of the way, the changelog:

  • Made the following changes to WOOT dragon loot:
WOOT Dragon loot - FTB BEYOND

Dragon Egg

Basic Setup: Dragon Egg 1 - 20% drop rate   --> Basic Setup: Dragon Egg 1 - 5% drop rate
Looting I: Dragon Egg 1 - 40% drop rate       --> Looting I: Dragon Egg 1 - 8% drop rate
Looting II: Dragon Egg 1 - 60% drop rate      --> Looting II: Dragon Egg 1 - 10% drop rate
Looting III: Dragon Egg 1 - 80% drop rate     --> Looting III: Dragon Egg 1 - 15% drop rate

Dragons Breath

Basic Setup: Dragons Breath 2 - 80% drop rate...
Hey Toasters!

I know, small gap between today's changelog and the last changelog, but I want to try keep these posts on a regular basis, every Monday. None the less, we have been working heavily on updating things and debugging/diagnosing issues. The following changelog lists changes made in the last 4 days:

FTB: Beyond
  • Updated to FTB: Beyond 1.4.2
  • Added Vote Parties - after 35 votes have been made on the server, everyone online gets an uncommon key
  • Fixed issue where users could not use keys on crates
  • Following changes made in the sponge config:
    • chunk-unload-delay=35
    • chunk-gc-tick-interval=900
  • Users now get common keys when voting
  • Updated spongeforge to latest build
  • Updated SimpleAntiAfk to latest version which adds the %location variable
  • Updated KaisCommons
  • Added Memory leak prevention which is built into ToastyRandomThings
  • Added Discord notification to Staff Discord Channels when a player is suspected of using an afk machine:
  • Made the following configuration changes to enderIO:
    • advancedFluidConduitExtractRate from 100 to 50
    • advancedFluidConduitMaxIoRate from 400 to 200
    • enderFluidConduitExtractRate from 200 to 100
    • enderFluidConduitMaxIoRate from 800 to 400
    • fluidConduitExtractRate from 50 to 25
    • fluidConduitMaxIoRate from 200 to 100
    • transceiverBucketTransmissionCostRF from 100 to 125
    • redstoneConduitsShowState from true to false
    • topShowMobsByDefault from true to false
    • topShowPowerByDefault from true to false
    • topShowProgressByDefault from true to false
    • topShowTanksByDefault from true to false
    • topShowXPByDefault from true to false
  • Made Following AE2 Nerfs:
    • craftingCalculationTimePerTick from 5 to 2
    • removeCrashingItemsOnLoad from false to true
    • formationPlaneEntityLimit from 128...
Hey Toasters!

Another week comes another lot of changes to the servers and community. There have been many changes across the network, with some much needed updates to our forums! We have also seen the implementation of some old features into our 1.10 servers! Namely Better Chunk Loaders and crates (for the Beyond server). We have also released a new market plugin on our 1.10 servers, more details below! Now, the changelog:

Servers (All):
  • Updated tablists to the same as what is used on FTB: Beyond
  • Updated LuckPerms
  • Updated SimpleAntiAFK & fixed config file to include valid json
  • Updated Kaiscommon
  • Updated BungeeCord
  • Changed Hub & Survival A ports as well as in Bungee, this will make play.toastynetworks redirect to the hub instead of TL
  • Added commands: /hub, /beyond, /ftb, /sf3 and /survivala (Each teleporting to the respective server)
  • Updated BungeeTabListPlus
  • Implemented and fixed new BetterKeepInventory

  • Updated FTB: Beyond to v.1.3.0
  • Enabled TheOneProbe & TopAddons
  • Added optimisations to TheOneProbe
    • showChestContents=false
    • showChestContentsDetailed=false
  • Updated Sponge to 2259 (latest)
  • Banned PiggyBackPacks
  • Added fixed Morpheus version
  • Updated Grief Prevention
  • Disabled Pre-Merge in Sponge to fix duplication with Scrap boxes
  • Changed Tax percentage from 5% to 3% in the BetterKeepInventory System
  • Added Husky Crates to Beyond
  • Added Common, Uncommon, Rare and Legendary crates to Beyond (/warp crates)
  • Updated Virtual Chests
  • Diagnosed timings and improved blockpos tracking, we are running a beta build with those changes implemented to see if it improves performance.
  • Updated FluxNetworks and Sonarcore so the networks will remain after restarts
  • Updated IronBackpacks (Potential fix for missing backpack bug)
  • Lowered Sponge entity...
Hello Everyone,

This is an updated and re-posted guide on the various ways which you can show your support for ToastyNetworks!

1. Voting

Voting helps the server heaps! Many, if not most, of the people on the server have joined through seeing us on various server lists. To find out how to vote, either use /vote in-game or head over here.

2. Reviewing the Server
We will give you $20,000 in in-game currency for each of your reviews on the various websites provided. You can find out more about reviewing for the server and claiming your reward here.

3. Donating
Our administration work extremely hard to make sure the server is running on the best servers, with the best software and connection. This ends up costing quite a lot, around $650 monthly! You can help support our work here by donating to our store. By donating, you will also be able to recieve awesome aesthetic perks or ranks! Check our how to donate by using /donate in-game or heading over here.

Thanks for taking an interest in the ongoing support of ToastyNetworks!

ToastyNetworks Administration.
Hey Toasters!

Its been a busy week in terms of diagnosing/debugging issues and finding fixes for all sorts of different TPS issues. Beyond has started to become prone to attacks of poor TPS and stalls. We are yet to find a concrete cause, but we are still searching and expect a solution towards the end of the new week. Here is the weekly changelog:

  • loaded ftblib fix to resolve script reloading issue that broke recipes
  • Enabled experimental removal of (tile) entities when they are erroring (prevents crash)
  • fixed bug where Vulcan couldnt access RF Builders
  • Set B:flower.forceCheck=false in config
  • Set the following items:
    • B:ChunkLoader=false
    • B:ExtraUtils2_Quarry_Dim=false
    • B:Klein=true
    • B:Opinium=true
    • B:Quarry=false
    • B:QuarryProxy=false
  • Updated AntiAFK to have more accurate checks, now includes yaw-pitch & in general less false positives. Also reduced message time shown from 1000 ticks to 500.
  • Updated Nucleus versions
  • Updated Kaiscommons and bTickets
  • Updated SpongeForge
  • Disabled spawning Chaos Guardians in WOOT.cfg:
List of entities that cannot be spawned [default: ]

S:globalPrismBlacklist <
  • Added the following items to the banned items list:
"appliedenergistics2:matter_cannon|Matter Cannon|Server Stalling"
"enderio:blockWeatherObelisk|Weather Obelisk|Over powered item"
"redstonearsenal:tool.hammer_flux|Flux-Infused Hammer|Server Stalling"
"railcraft:eek:re_magic|Fire Stone Ore|Grief Prevention Bypass"
  • Updated /staff
  • Updated BetterKeepInventory
  • CAD Assembler recipe fixed
  • Black quartz recipe fixed
  • IC2 iridium plate recipe fixed
  • Edited farming station in EnderIO config:
# The amount of power used by a farm per action (eg plant, till, harvest)...
Heey Toasters!

It's come around to that time of year again. So let us celebrate! ToastyNetworks has hit it's 4th year as apart of the minecraft community and is going stronger than ever. A special thank you goes out to the moderators who keep our community safe and the administration team who keeps this network together. Another special thank you to the guys over at TastyNode for helping us a ton over the past year and have managed to make a video for the occasion as well.

Watch the video to find out about some cool stuff we are doing to celebrate!

Stay Toasty!
Hey Toasters!

We have had a busy past week with a LOT of changes. Todays changelog outlines the events of the past week. In terms of the FTB:Beyond server, it has been going well and truly smoothly, with only a few hiccups in the past few days. The changelog concerning the Beyond server will only describe changes after release of the server, as if I listed everything we did to prepare the beyond server pre-release, Id likely crash your browsers.

FTB: Beyond
  • Added /auction help and /auction ?
  • Added ItemAuction and SpongyChest
  • Added multiple homes for players the higher rank they are
  • Added Infinite Lava and Water via dimension transceivers
  • Added details on infinite lava/water to announcement role
  • Added spongychest/itemauction details to announcement role
  • Changed mob spawning values:
    • spawn-limit-ambient=10
    • spawn-limit-animal=10
    • spawn-limit-aquatic=5
    • spawn-limit-monster=50
    • tick-rate-ambient=600
    • tick-rate-animal=600
    • tick-rate-aquatic=600
    • tick-rate-monster=3
  • Changed it so /rtp no longer spawns people below surface
  • disabled inventory tweaks server side, wont affect clients
  • Updated WOOT mod from 1.2.5 to 1.2.7 serversided
  • Updated SpongeForge
  • Fixed Issue where skystone and inscriber press recipes wouldn’t work properly
  • Banned the Redstone Clock
  • Implemented new keep inventory system
  • Fixed formatting issue on kits
  • Fixed exploit with kits GUI
  • Gave TMod+ perm nodes to view other players homes and teleport to them
  • Fixed issue where there was no protection for vanilla chests in claims
  • Fixed issue were players could do /ftb reload and lag server
  • Fixed the no-cooldown issue on Kits
  • Fixed server icon not displaying for the Beyond server
  • Banned all chunk loaders from Beyond server
  • Gave perms to /rtp
Sky Factory 3
  • Added ItemAuction and SpongyChest
  • Changed tickrate of crafters to 3 (was...
Hey Toasters!

The past week started off rather slow, with changes picking up towards the end of the week. The week ahead will likely see many changes, such as the transition/introduction of Luck Perms for our 1.7.10 in regards to ranking, the starting of development into a FTB Beyond, and a possible second SF3 server to help deal with the large popularity we have been having!

Sky Factory 3:
  • Added custom crafting recipes for Marble
  • Added custom recipe for Basalt
  • Added custom Recipe for Alabaster
  • Set Mixed Fluid Sphere prize in ChanceCube’s config to false
  • Added plugin to connect SF3 server chat to a Discord Channel
  • Added discord role compatibility to discord-server chat link plugin
  • Gave the public view access to this chat on Discord
  • Added custom recipe for Spawn Squid
  • Added custom recipe for Chicken Manure
  • Added /tpchunk (for use by staff) to allow easier use of DAP information in finding sources of TPS lag
  • Restricted placing of the following items next to colossal chests:
    • Transfer Pipes
    • Transfer Node
    • Inventory Panel (EnderIO)
  • Re-added place-near restrictions for following items next to colossal chests (config somehow wiped itself)
    • External Storage
    • Exporter
    • Importer

FTB: Infinity Evolved
  • Added new Ranking system: BOT
  • Features: /bot , /ontime , /bot leaderboard
  • Added plugin to connect Infinity server chat to a Discord Channel[/COLOR]
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