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DeVco Acquisition

DeVco Acquisition

FAQ about the DeVco Acquisition

Will this affect ToastyNetworks staff recruitment?

Nope! We will continue to hire staff as normal :) DeVco staff will join us once the servers have officially transferred

I don’t like change, what will be happening to ToastyNetworks?

Not much! ToastyNetworks will stay ToastyNetworks, the plan is to basically take the best out of both communities and cultures. This way we will have best of both worlds and ToastyNetworks will be better than ever!

Should we expect plugins to change?

Yes, we plan on introducing a few new concepts to ToastyNetworks.
1. We plan to introduce a brand new chat system, which introduces: Global chat, modpack wide chat, local chat or server wide chat. We think this change will improve the community feel along the line.
2. Another change we have planned right now is the token shop, as of right now we have tokenshops for a few servers, we plan to further expand on this concept. The new token shop concept will result in tokens being network wide (you will share tokens across servers), and tokenshops will be introduced on all servers.
3. There might be some more smaller changes which we are not sure of yet, we expect to release more details once we have a decent timeline though.

DeVco hosts a lot of modpacks, will all of these be transferring over?

The Toasty Administration are currently working with the DeVco Senior Administration on a plan for the server transfer. Detailed information will be released to both networks once this has been finalised.

What will happen to my playtime?

Nothing! Toastynetworks will still have the same playtime ranks. DeVco players will have their playtime transferred over to Toasty.

Will there be more ToastyNetworks playtime ranks?

Yes, we plan on adding at least 3 more ranks to extend our current set of playtime ranks. We will have a lot more modpacks, meaning it’s more likely to hit a high amount of hours.

What will be happening to DeVco staff?

Staff members at DeVco will transfer over to the ToastyNetworks staff team after all the servers have been transferred. As DeVco is still running, they will need their staff to continue running the community. Roles within the Toasty staff team will depend on their current rank at DeVco, and will range from Trial Moderator to Administrator.

What will happen to DeVco donators?

We plan to transfer all DeVco donators onto one of our premium ranks, we do not have any details publicly available yet, but expect a translation table on this later to see which rank you will receive!

When will this all be over?

We do not currently have an answer to this question, we are currently working on drafting our more details. When everything is planned, we will work on providing a timeline for you all.

What will happen to DeVco point system?

We plan on converting this to our equivalent currency “Tokens”, we do not currently have a transfer rate set up, this will be discussed more in future.

DeVco has subscriptions, do you plan on adding them in the Toasty store?

Yes, perhaps we will. However, we do not plan to offer ranks as subscriptions. More details on this in the near future.

My DeVco subscription was cancelled, why?

Unfortunately due to a glitch with the payment provider we needed to cancel all current subscriptions, however, you will be able to subscribe on DeVco again until the merge date is final. This is when we will cancel all subscriptions.
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